We use tailored sports massage in combination with physiotherapy and rehabilitation to ensure you are getting an all round approach, to fully recover from your injury.

Our sports massage method is a little different to the typical sports massage one usually expects. Our experienced massage therapists are trained to tailor their treatments to meet the specific needs of each individual they work with. Rather than battering and bruising the muscles using a ‘one pressure fits all’ approach, we use a tailored approach using a deep but controlled pressure, that promotes a more long term benefit.

Whether you are in pain or you just need to relax, whether you feel you need a good stretch or you just want to nod off after a long day, our massage therapists are highly qualified and experienced and they are exceptional at targeting your specific needs.

Tailored sports massage is not only used for injury recovery, but also injury prevention, both for the sedentary individual, through to the professional athlete.

A discussion of your needs prior to starting the treatment will aid your therapist to establish what your goals from the treatment are. Your therapist will then assess your needs and physically examine you in order to identify which techniques best suit your needs.

Conditions that generally respond well to massage as a complementary therapy include:

Muscle pain and stiffness, muscle strain, edema (swelling), muscle soreness from exercise and/or injury, muscle sprains, muscle tension, sore spots, repetitive strain injuries, tendinitis, stress, stress induced headache and more.

You don’t need to be injured or in pain to benefit from a sports massage. Many of our clients visit our massage therapists for maintenance sessions, rather than waiting for an injury to creep in. Maintenance sports massage is done approximately once a week as a regular part of ones routine. Regular massage increases the flow of blood and nutrients to the muscles, keeping the tissues loose and helping to reduce the development of scar tissue, injury and pain. It helps to optimise muscle health, improving posture, muscle function and daily performance.

The goal of all sports massage is to maximise performance, whether at work or during sports.

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Mike Rosenstock

Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercise Specialist and Sports Massage Therapist

Mike is a strength and conditioning specialist and applied exercise physiologist with an extensive background in sports conditioning, rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement. Having previo...

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Sonia Fierro

Registered Sports Therapist, Massage Therapist, Rehabilitation Specialist, Therapist Coordinator

Sonia is a qualified sports therapist and rehabilitation specialist, with experience in performance enhancement and injury rehabilitation. She specialises in late stages rehabilitation and mobility, b...

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Dana Irvin

Registered Sports Massage Therapist

Dana is passionate about health and fitness, and is an exceptional personal trainer and sports massage therapist. She is committed to guiding the everyday athelete to move better and more efficiently,...

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