Physiotherapy, City of London

At Function360 we offer tailored physiotherapy for those suffering with injury or pain, and for those wanting to prevent injury completely. We work both with injuries suffered by the sedentary all the way through to the professional athlete, and we specialise in injury diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Upon your first appointment with one of our qualified and experienced physiotherapists you will be thoroughly assessed and treated. The aim of this session is to identify the cause of the injury, create a plan of how we are going to address your injury to recover from it forever, and begin your treatment immediately.

There is no need for a medical referral, however, GPs and Consultants regularly refer to us and we will keep them informed of your progress unless you request otherwise. We work closely with London’s best orthopaedic and sports specialists at Fortius Clinic and 31 Old Broad Street. 

We at Function360 use an approach to diagnosis and treatment that is different to other practices. We use a combination of manual therapy (hands on) alongside rehabilitation (exercise and corrective movement) to ensure that we do not just mask your symptoms, but we actually CURE the cause of your symptoms too. This will ensure that your injury or pain will not relapse once you return to doing the things you love.

Our physiotherapists are specialised in the following areas:

  • Pre-injury screening and injury risk assessment for both non-athletes and professional athletes.
  • Injury and re-injury prevention.
  • Injury diagnosis, management, treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Gait Analysis.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Postural correction, education and advice.
  • Work related pain and injury.
  • Ergonomic (office/desk) assessment and set-up.
  • Sports technique development.
  • Performance development and optimisation.
  • Pre- and post- injury management and rehabilitation.
  • Pregnancy pain, injuries and preparation.
  • Children and adolescent pain and injury.
  • Chronic pain and injury.

Meet Jordane, our lead physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy, London.

Watch Jordane working with her clients.