Back Pain? Worry NOT

Almost everyone will experience some sort of back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain is the main complaint resulting in most days lost at work over a year, not only in manual workers, but even more so in desk-workers.

Back pain tends to have a recurrent nature, and non-specific back pain often doesn’t follow any pattern so it’s hard to identify ‘triggers’ to the pain; this means a lot of people are stuck in a pain-cycle which they cannot control.


What is non-specific back pain?


What is non-specific back pain? Generally mentioned in regard to lower back pain, it is a term used in healthcare to describe pain which does not seem to have a specific cause, when all scans, tests etc failed to identify a specific structural or systemic cause to the pain. It is the most common type of back pain and often the most frustrating one because it is difficult to identify the root and what makes it ‘flare up’.



So what can you do?


The truth is that there is no quick fix, or even standard protocol for this type of back pain. Pain is usually the result of a combination of factors starting with biomechanical problems and muscle imbalances; it is also often associated with some type of central sensitisation – technical terms to describe neurological processes by which your brain reads ‘pain’ even during normal stimuli eg. normal touch or movement. The solution is to retrain your body and brain that moving in a certain way is ok.

In our rehab sessions we achieve this with slow progressions from the most basic exercises and subtle movements (a lot of pelvic floor and pelvic tilts involved! Read our next post to learn more about this) all the way to normal training. In combination with movement therapy our soft tissue therapists use focussed and tailored treatments to aid your body to adjust to your new and improved movement patterns.

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