How can shoulder and neck pain develop from cycling?


Incorrect bike fittings? Poor bike posture? Lack of core strength? We analyse how shoulder and neck pain can develop from cycling....

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The Swimming Shoulder: why am I getting injured?


Over-training? Poor Mobility? Poor Stroke Technique? We talk about the common causes of shoulder problems…...

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The Common Causes of Shoulder Pain


Triathlons have never been more popular, but it also brings on a new set of troubles for the body. In this blog we focus on the common causes of shoulder pain....

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Nutrition & Recovery after training


Nutrition, Recovery, Building Muscle, and the perfect protein shake recipe....

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The Benefits of Holidays: Discover Helios Retreats


Give your mind and body some time to unwind with Helios Retreats...

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The Running Series: Nutrition for Recovery


How nutrition aids recovery and the importance of micronutrients...

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The Running Series : The 4 best recovery strategies for runners


The 4 best recovery strategies for runners and what their benefits are....

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The Running Series : 4 Step cool down


Your cool-down has the purpose to bring your body back to a resting state as efficiently as possible. A proper cool down includes 4 vital steps....

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The Running Series : Warm Ups Matter


The most common issue we see in runners is the complete lack of warm up. We talk about the strains of running and the warm ups you should be doing!...

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Breaking down your desk habits Part 2


Your sitting posture may be contributing to your tight hips and back pain. We break down your bad desk habits....

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